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The Real Ozzy OsbourneJohn Michael "Ozzy" Osbourne is an English singer, songwriter, and actor. He rose to prominence in the early 1970s as the lead vocalist of the heavy metal band Black Sabbath.

Date Of Birth December 3rd, 1948

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Claudio Sideri As Vocalist Ozzy Osbourne

It is approaching for the first time to the music at the age of 16, when he decided to do the DJ. Makes different experiences in clubs in Rome and in summer resorts playing any style of music, disco music from the 70's Hip Hop, from underground to more carefree revival of the 50. His constant search of "something new and exciting" to be proposed to the public, it leads him to lose entire afternoons in small shops and markets vinyl. This leads him to discover, alone, rock / blues of the years 60/70, which hits him deeply and that since then not let go more (of the series "when something you've got it in your blood ..."). His early idols are the Doors, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin (which still remain his favorite band). Soon he realizes that he can not keep doing the DJ for the sake of putting rock records 60/70 years, and that he needs something to make it more character and satisfied in music. Besides, what did she always did it with passion, never for money (once abruptly quarreled with a local manager, as he asked insistently to put yet another Maccarena, while Claudio was intent on listening to the ' last single of the little-known then Prodigy). So he decided to break with the past (the passion for vinyl though remained), and threw himself headlong into the song, which surely proved more congenial than to play an instrument. He wasted no time, and conscious of the fact that it is not a phenomenon, he enrolled now to singing lessons, which still travels constantly, and began playing in various groups contacted through Porta Portese. Paradoxically, the only kind that is not prepared with the singing teacher, was what he did on his own, the rock (since he was already natural, while for the more soft and melodic languages ??... well, there was to be processed Quite a lot!).

With the passage of time acquired a lot of experience, recording various live demos and in the studio, and he also performed several times in public. Consider the rock singer also a Front-Man, for this reason dresses on stage in a flashy and "child style of flowers" (or rather like a moron - see photos), trying to always involve the public. The musical genre that has never abandoned is that of 60/70 rock, which has the most varied repertoire cover (in addition to these groups, sang the Stones, Deep Purple, the Velvet Underground, the Mountain, the Free, Creedence, Cream and others). He met and fell in love Black Sabbath's only later, when he felt musically ready for something less blues, but more hard and special. The features that most impressed the Sabbath are the powerful sound, full-bodied, hypnotic and at the same time evil, coupled with a unique and magical voice of Ozzy, all enriched by songs written / works, always structured and arranged in an innovative and genius. He thinks it's amazing how the style and nuances of Ozzy manage to give a touch so characteristic pungent in each piece, and then how they influenced all music to come (see for example the Punk). What strikes him to the point of deciding to enter for the first time in a Tribute Band (in the past had always favored the mixed cover) to try to experience the atmosphere and the impact of the Sabbath, but without imitating his idol, but rather he is trying to learn from his style as much as possible. Strums also the harmonica and usually uses a microphone Shure Beta 58. You never separates from its python boots (which is said to wear even when he goes to bed!) And hates the wireless microphones.