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The Real Tony IommiAnthony Frank "Tony" Iommi is an English guitarist, songwriter and producer. He is lead guitarist and founding member of the heavy metal band Black Sabbath, and has been the band's sole continual member and primary composer.

Date Of Birth Febuary 19th, 1948

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Francesco M as Guitarist Tony Iommi

The passion for music involves him very soon. He studied music theory in a group course but soon realizes that his teacher had not told him that had existed Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin; it was time to change music. At 14, the coup fumine: In Rock and Machine Head. Blackmore became his myth and the 70 will be forever his musical reference. By Deep Purple Whitesnake, Rainbow by Black Sabbath, from AC / DC to Judas Priest, buy, listen, record, everything that has a riff or a guitar solo. Meanwhile, the study of the instrument continues as a self-taught, or attending some group courses, just when with some friends who go to class with him trying to form his first band. At 17, he founded the Backstage, formation of 3-4 items with one drawback: they are hoes, play whenever 350 bars of "wheels of steel" of the Saxon and then they go to guzzle each 4 "eku 28" in a pub in Frascati. Not to mention the instrumentation: Tamaki guitar, bass Kroma, amp Honer and Remus battery torn to 200,000 lire a survivor of these "cores" band (very) underground of the early seventies. Strength, however, have the ability to load drums, bass, guitar, amp and musicians in a Fiat 126.

Thanks to this test, however inglorious other friends ask him to play along, which welcomes, if only these are able to play a piece from beginning to end. They 'a band of 5-6 items, are the Psycho Killers, however, still do not know who is the drummer and the bass player who, sing a bit' all and the idea of what to play is still nebulous. You choose for punk rock and new wave, it is played by the Ramones to The Cure, by Litfiba in Bowie but there is also a piece of Black Sabbath: Paranoid. It sounds so much in evidence lounges and finally comes the first live: 14/09/89. After the military brackets again becomes the owner of the group that has since changed its name to Norman Bates . With this group of which it will become the leader plays for more than 10 years, beginning in community centers, then in almost all places of Rome such as Palladium, Frontier, Jive, Quadrophenia, Caruso, Jake & Elwood, Alpheus, Alkatraz, and especially Melvyn's Trastevere that remembers with affection.

With this band over to play covers he recorded a self-produced demo in 1995, one in 1997, one in 1998, but above all has participated in two editions of the "Roman Summer" with its compilation, and as far back as May 1994 has served as the opening to Negrita at the Artists. After this long experience has tried to create another band, he has played in some soul and blues formations, and even partecipapato a harmonious summit. As long decided that if no longer find the right people to make original music, as well as would like again, the solution is just to play in a band that makes music he loves most. Then he places an ad in a rehearsal room, looking for someone who wants to play and have fun like him, and fortunately it that is now Francesco Lancia and Stefano Great, two connoisseurs of the 'Black Sabbath'. Together they spend a year trying and finally in 2003 the formation is completed with the excellent vocalist Claudio Sideri. Francis plays a Gibson SG '61 reissue heritage cherry and sometimes under the subway a Les Paul studio. Marshall tube amp of course, and in autoscostruita pattern briefcase "Geppetto" holds a wah-wah cry baby, a compression sustainer and a noise suppressor Boss, a modulation delay and a stereo chorus Ibanez, a volume pedal, a mocha cups 3, a iron, a dead mouse, a finger de zella, etc. etc.