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The Real Bill WardWilliam Thomas "Bill" Ward is an English musician and visual artist, best known as the original drummer for the British heavy metal band Black Sabbath

Date Of Birth May 5th, 1948

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Physiotherapist (preferibilmante "ladies" ...), meets the battery for the first time at age 13, at the home of his friend; from here, first with the handle of a screen split in two, then with chopsticks series, he begins to "bacchettare" on everything that happens at gunpoint, including lids of pots and tins of mascarpone (transformed into roto-tom with chopsticks the Chinese restaurant). Finally, after years of torture, can buy a battery (Tama Starclassic Birch), although it still lacks the place to mount it (in a good way ...) and play along without peck complaints. Irremediable "Settantino" lost, is obsessed with almost everything that came out of any musical instrument in the 60s and 70s, especially progressive rock; however, he also likes modern music, first of all Dream Theater, then Iron Maiden, the first Pearl Jam (those of Ten), and more.

The first group with which he has played are the "Stonework", which did cover (Zeppelin, Purple, ..) and their songs; then a spell with a small group of friends (cover various and "damaged" by Litfiba the Police, to Jimi Hendrix); then, for two years, another cover band jazz-blues, the Great (where does the name? ...), with whom he played reinterpretations of Keith Jarrett, Sade, Steely Dan and others. Finally, let the Great, the great Frank "Geezer" Lancia invited him to join the first version of "The Warning", or the "Almost Black", which replaced the previous drummer. Calculating that with Geezer know from '91, and who grew up listening to Black Sabbath "wheel", the response to the offer was more or less similar to what he said Portnoy front of Abbey Road Studios: "That's a dream come true for me ... the fuckin 'love it! Cheers.